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In 1965, the country’s most effective civil rights leaders joined forces in Chicago to attempt the first civil rights campaign in a large Northern city. Focusing on open housing, the movement enlisted thousands of people to march through Chicago’s streets and into its real estate offices. This site chronicles the people, organizations, and events that formed the movement, and brings together a vast collection of movement material. 2006 Commemoration · Historical overview · Timeline · More

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Tony Henry Tony Henry was a critical figure in the organizing of the Chicago Freedom Movement on the West Side. He was a highly regarded field officer for the American Friends Service Committee during the 1960s. He died in January 2008 and the Houston Chronicle carried the following obituary: ANTHONY RAY HENRY, 69 of Houston, passed away January 9, 2008. He was born August 14, 1938 to Lawrence Gene and Autry Thomas Henry. Anthony was saved at an early age and baptized at the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. .....
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September 1966

On Sunday, September 4th, Robert Lucas of Chicago CORE led 200 demonstrators through Cicero. Originally, the Chicago Freedom Movement had issued a call for the march on Cicero, but it retracted it with the Summit Agreement. Lucas and other activists were dissatisfied with the terms of that agreement and wanted to show that they did not fear the potential white reaction in Cicero. The Chicago Freedom Movement, in the meantime, focused on urban renewal in the Englewood area.

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