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In 1965, the country’s most effective civil rights leaders joined forces in Chicago to attempt the first civil rights campaign in a large Northern city. Focusing on open housing, the movement enlisted thousands of people to march through Chicago’s streets and into its real estate offices. This site chronicles the people, organizations, and events that formed the movement, and brings together a vast collection of movement material. 2006 Commemoration · Historical overview · Timeline · More

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Al Raby Albert Raby was a Chicago public school teacher when he became active in the civil rights movement. Soon after, he was at the head of Chicago’s local movement, as convenor of the Coordinating Council of Community Organizations (CCCO). In this role, he served as the link between the national civil rights movement and local organizations, and had a great impact on the course of the movement. Raby had been born into poverty in Chicago, and dropped out of school in eighth grade. He self-e .....
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August 1966

This month represented the high point of the Chicago Freedom Movement with regular open-housing marches that captured the attention of all Chicagoans and the national media. The month concluded with the Summit negotiations and the Summit Agreement.

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