CFM40 Information Archive

Andrew Rossmeissl @ Tue, 2005-03-08 16:04


Welcome to the CFM40 Archive, a collection of materials concerning the Chicago Freedom Movement. Assembled in celebration of the Movement's 40th anniversary, this archive will continue to grow as additional resources become available.

Where to begin?

First, get acquainted with the Movement by reading the historical overview. Keeping a copy of the timeline handy might help. Next, listen to Bernard LaFayette recall the roots of the Movement. As you hear names of people and organizations, visit our pages on them by browsing the appropriate sections of this archive. Finally, check the home page daily as the "today 40 years ago" section tracks the progress of the Movement in its efforts.


Background and context

Overview · Timeline · More history →


The social structures

SCLC · CCCO · More organizations →


Visual and aural material

Bernard LaFayette · More media →